Remote Home monitoring

I’ve done a couple of articles on remote home monitoring but just thought that I should tell you about something that I’m playing with at the moment. It isn’t anything to do with security but this technology is brilliant. I do happen to have a few “network devices” on my LAN and I do tend to be surprised at the electricity bill when it arrives 🙁 With this in mind I have bought a Home Energy monitoring system, this is the the “Home Hub Energy Data Gateway” from Efergy and it’s brilliant! Basically I just connect a sensor to the mains cable and I can then see the real time usage of the power my home is consuming. The web “portal” gives me graphs and charts to monitor my electricity usage and it’s a bit of an eye opener! I’m currently trying it on separate circuits so that I can find the circuits that are hogging the power and can see immediately from the web portal how much my basic kit is costing to run in real time. I’m now establishing a base line on each circuit and will hopefully be able to start seeing what is causing me to have very high electricity bills.

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