Web Cred

Update March 2020 – mostly still current.

You have probably heard of “Street Cred” but now you are using a computer to access the Internet and the services it provides e.g. World Wide Web (WWW) you now need to know how to be “Web Cred“. On the other pages, I have used the “front door of your home” as a way to try to explain security issues. So in the same way that you need to be “Street Cred” when you go out of your home; when you are using the Internet and browsing the Web (Surfing the Web or as some people incorrectly say “surfing the net”), you need to be “Web Cred”.

Your PC is the door to the World Wide Web – millions of other computers. The WEB is made up of other computer users pretty much the same type as we have in the “real” world, e.g. mostly good people but unfortunately a lot of  “wrong uns”. It’s the “Wrong uns” that spoil it for everyone, the “Wrong uns” are the thieves, the cheets, the parasites that live off the earnings of the majority of normal law abiding and productive individuals. So to protect yourself from these “Wrong uns”, you need to learn how to be “Web Cred”.

OK, some would say that they don’t need to know how a car works to be able to drive it and I would agree in principle. However, when you learn to drive a car: you learn how to drive it safely without causing a danger to yourself and others. You learn the “Rules of the road” (Highway code) and you learn how to steer and change gear etc. To become “Web Cred” all you need do is apply the same principles – learn to use the Web so that you are not endangering yourself or others!

To become “Web Cred”, all you need do is to install Anti- malware products and keep them up-to-date (note Windows 10 pretty much takes care of this) and learn the “rules of the the road” – and remember the old adage “if it sounds too good to be true, then it it quite probably isn’t true”.

Make sure you keep an eye on your children’s “surfing” habits and try to supervise them when they are using the Web.

Stay alert, keep safe.