Putting it all together

Update March 2020, still current.

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In many cases, people buy a computer and want to connect to the Internet and this is very easy. However, what most people think of as the Internet is actually the World Wide Web (WWW). The WWW is a just one aspect of the Internet and it is a fantastic source of knowledge and is indeed the biggest library available and all in the comfort of your own home. However, there is a lot of garbage to wade through before you find the jewels, a bit like panning for gold in some cases! The main difference is the dynamic nature of the information, unlike a normal library where the ink in the books is permanent and can become out of date.

A lot of people (too many for comfort) buy a computer and connect to the “Internet” without much thought but the Internet is a very large place, it is often called “Cyberspace”. Cyberspace is unlike normal life in that it is largely unregulated and some experts suggest that it can never be regulated. With this in mind, when you connect your PC to the “Internet”, you are potentially joining millions of other computers on the Internet and can come to grief very easily.

The Internet makes available to all and sundry things such as the WWW, email and other services but you need to have your wits about you. Learn how to keep safe when browsing the Web. Learn how to protect your PC from becoming compromised, Learn how to use Email, Learn to use this amazing facility. In a nutshell learn PCJUDO.

The “Internet” is basically an infrastructure which consists of cables, routers and switches. This infrastructure has developed over the years and it’s starting point was probably “Telegraphy”, which was replaced by “Telephony”. The latter involved running cables on the sea bed to connect the different land masses, Countries, Towns and Cities. These same cables were / are used to provide the “infrastructure” of the “Internet” and have, over the years, been replaced by “Fibre” (Fiberglass/ Fiberglass) which enable countless more “data throughput”. The ability to connect /use the “Internet” is provided by an ISP (Internet Service Provider) So when you have a means to connect to the “Internet”, you can use WWW or Email and Cloud services.

Become “Web Cred”, stay alert and keep safe.