Low cost remote home monitoring

Using Skype along with your existing USB or built-in webcam is a very low cost option of monitoring one location at home. Using a laptop along with WiFi would probably give the most portable options. Depends on what you want to monitor remotely and how easy it is to get power to the laptop and if you are getting a good WiFi signal. If WiFi is poor, you could use the “Homeplug” option (see my Alternative to WiFi) which is probably better than WiFi anyway in this case!

So, all you do is position the laptop where you want to monitor remotely and fire up Skype. I found a brilliant article on using Skype for this purpose so here’s the link www.von-phone.com/skype-home-security-monitor-howto.php. It really is easy peasy, Thanks and credit to John Morley.

The screenshots on John’s site are for an older version of Skype but the principle is the same. The latest version of Skype (6.1+) you will need to go to the “Call Settings”, select  “show advanced options” and then select the “auto answer” and “Auto start video”.