Basic PC security

Update November 2020

If you have a home PC / Laptop, you will probably connect to the Internet and that is where your Malware* problems start. In a nutshell, if you want to avoid getting infected with Malware* don’t connect to the Internet and don’t use removable media to copy Data on to your PC 🙂

Not connecting to the Internet is probably not an option so I’ll brief you on some basic self-defence or PCJUDO. Some Internet security experts advise that over 70,000 Malware infections are released on a DAILY basis and that an “unprotected” computer will become infected with several Malware infections or will be compromised within minutes of being connected to the Internet; that is a sobering thought!

If you are going to connect to the Internet to make use of the many services provided, e.g. WWW and Email, Cloud storage etc, you need to take some responsibility for using these services safely. When you go out in your car, as the driver, you are responsible for making sure the tyres have enough wind in them and that lights and brakes etc are working normally. When you connect to the Internet, it’s your responsibility to make sure you carry out the basic security options along with the Free security. Learn how to use and connect to the Internet securely and safely.

Basic PCJUDO involves a “layered defence” but more about that in advanced security. Think of this as “the more obstacles you have in place to prevent an intruder the better your defence”. You may not know that when you connect to the Internet, you are actually, in principle, potentially connecting to millions of other computers around the world and you are basically leaving your PC open to millions of unknown people. Ask yourself, “would I leave the door of my home unlocked so that anyone could just walk in, invited or not?” I would suggest your answer would be no.

Basic PCJUDO would involve installing: – (Windows 10 pretty much takes care of the first three)

Stay alert, keep safe.