Windows 8 Apps

Well I guess, the Start Screen and the way that the “Apps” behave is not suited to Luddites like me. It seems that, by design, when running an “App”, it is supposed to run in “Full Screen”  and doesn’t have an easy or intuitive way to quit the “App”- can’t imagine why.

I found out that you can close an App by holding the mouse in the centre of the top edge until you see a hand and then drag it to the bottom of the screen and that will close the App or sometimes just minimizes it and Windows will decide if it needs to close later!

I know it’s early days of me using Windows8 and that Windows8 seems to have been developed primarily for touch screen users but how difficult would it have been to have a close and/or minimize button; that system has worked for years, why fix something that isn’t broken! Alt +F4 kills the app and you can minimize the app by accessing the “charms” and selecting “Start”.

My daughter was visiting and wanted to Skype and it was unbelievably difficult! The “App” version just doesn’t want to make it easy to get to the settings. On this occasion, everything worked fine apart from the microphone so the “other party” couldn’t hear what we were saying. We got video (full screen) and could hear the other party but they couldn’t hear us. We just got them to call us on the land line so that we could continue. Trying to get to the “options”, “settings” was unbelievably difficult and having to view the other party in full screen on a 23 inch widescreen wasn’t nice, not nice at all. I guess the full screen would be useful on something like a 7 inch screen!

After the “Web Cam Session”, I installed the “Desktop Version” and was able to easily get into the options > settings and get the microphone working, have a window the size I wanted and have an good Skype session with my daughter on her smart phone.

I’m becoming more convinced that “Apps” means something less than “Applications” e.g, not quite finished.

I’m getting closer to installing classicshell so I can do away with the start screen and save myself a lot of aggro LOL

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