These pages are a sort of general humour. In the main it’s the contents of an old “Cobweb” site that I’m decommissioning. It’s a light-hearted look on technology and life in general. Some comments are irreverent and are mainly poking fun at myself and sometimes technology in general. Some comments may be serious instead of humourous but I’ll let you make your own mind up.

Why Isitmoi? Well for a number of years I have seen and heard things that some people do or say and I’m amazed at the (IMO) apparent crazy ness of it and I ask myself  “Is it Me” or “is it only me” to question myself if it’s me that’s crazy or them.

Me, in French is Moi and MOI also can mean Moment of inertia. Taking the inertia bit to mean “resistance to change”, I thought “Is it Moi” would be a perfect name for the website. I don’t really mind change and in many ways welcome change when it is an improvement but how many changes do we get that are a step backward!

ISITMOI was my version of Terry Wogans “Is it me” and since his passing, it will hopefully be a tribute to the togmeister, RIP Tel.

After starting my working life as an apprentice engineer, I’ve seen a lot of changes and not all of them have been improvements. This puts me in a situation of saying to myself “is it me” ! For most of my adult life I have been a keen advocate of technology and I embrace change when it’s for the better but quite often I shake my head in disbelief and think “is it me” 🙂

With computers in mind, I’ve been playing with computers for some 30 years and in principle I eat breath and sleep computers and technology so I guess that makes me a geek but I guess I’m becoming a bit of a Luddite because some of the “new technology” seems to be a re-hash of stuff that was thought to be a bad idea years ago and now its a “new idea” that we should all embrace, such is life!

My first “computer” had to be self assembled and it didn’t do anything until you told it what to do (programmed it). Bill Gates was still a college kid and MS-DOS was second fiddle to DR_DOS, How things have changed! Over the years I have become a Microsoft bitch and have acquired several Microsoft Certified Professional certifications but I also have certifications in SCO Unix and REDHAT Linux.  I also have exposure to SUSE Linux, Ubuntu Linux, CentOS and SUN Solaris but in the main I’m still a Microsoft bitch 🙂 The Android ™  OS troubles me, not that I lose any sleep over it but it along with Apple™ (mobile devices) seem to be designed to be “Cloud Clients” in that they are designed to spew all personal information to the “cloud” .  The “cloud” is just a marketing term for something that has been around for maybe 20 years but we didn’t call it “The Cloud” then!