Windows 8 ongoing review

OK, it’s early days, I’ve upgraded my wife’s laptop and my XP desktop to Win8 a few days ago but overall impression from us both is that there is something we both like about Win8 but we can’t put our finger on it. My wife uses Win7 at work and I have a laptop with Win7 installed and we both scratch our heads with the libraries thing! Win8 is basically Win7 with extras but whilst Win7 is annoying, there’s something different about Win8. We don’t think it’s the “Start screen” but can’t put our finger on it, maybe it was the ยฃ25 upgrade offer ๐Ÿ™‚

To put things into context, we have both been exposed to computers since about 1980 (Sinclair ZX 80/81) and we’ve both had varying degrees of experiences. My wife has mainly been using computers as tool for work whereas I’m apparently a geek who loves computers and technology but over the years I think I might be becoming a bit of a Luddite! I’m not a Microsoft basher, quite the opposite! I’m a MCP on several counts but also have certifications in SCO Unix and Redhat Linux but in the main I’m quite happy to be a Microsoft bitch ๐Ÿ™‚

So, the Windows8 “Start Screen”! Unfortunately for me (and my wife) it’s a bit of useless fluff, we don’t see the point! OK, you can access the many “Apps” but when you use a “App” there is no obvious way to get out of it – Alt F4 seems to be the only way unless you go back to the “Start screen” but that just leaves the “App” running in the background. Without a doubt, the best “tile” to select is the “Desktop” tile!

So you have the “Desktop”, it’s sort of familiar but has a taskbar Win 7 style without a “Start” button. You can “pin” programs to the taskbar but it doesn’t quite have the “programs” appeal! Yes, you can go to “search and type in what you want and generally it will find the program that you want to run but having to use search every time you want to use a certain program is a little tiresome and having to pinย  to it the taskbar is a bit like having a desktop cluttered with shortcuts: it takes a lot of looking at all the shortcuts to find what you want! Come back XP, all is forgiven:-)



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