Mobile phone security

I’m often asked if it is necessary to install Antivirus on mobile (smart) phones. In principle, I would advise yes but there are differing opinions. Have a look at this link to help you make your mind up. Gadgetcage I think it’s a good article.

If you want to give your smartphone some protection for free, you could try:-

1. Vipre antivirus, it has some good features and is currently free due to it being in Beta (Andriod only).

2. AVG antivirus. This is Free and again has some nice features.

Paid for

1. Trend Micro Mobile. This seems to be available for all smartphones and has some nice features.

2. Kaspersky Mobile Security. This was originally developed for Nokia(Symbian) and Windows Mobile phones but is now avaialble for Blackberry and Android.

3. Bitdefender Mobile Security. All phones seem to be covered and has some good features.


Here’s a review of a few m0bile security products: – Comparedandreviewed

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