Home Energy Monitoring

Being able to see real time usage of your electricity at home is a bit of an eye opener. I’ve been using the Efergy home hub for a few days and I’m currently monitoring each separate circuit. I am being surprised, my wife always grumbles at the electricity bill and keeps saying that all my computer kit is costing us a fortune in electricity and I say it’s the tumble drier etc. The monitor has surprised us both! Turns out that the (fish) pond pump is responsible for a huge chunk of the electricity we use, so now we are going to have to decide if we want to keep the Koi carp and lovely waterfall! By having the energy monitor, we have discovered that the pump is costing £11 GBP per week – in the grand scheme of things, it isn’t much but compared to the cost of running all my computer kit and the general household stuff; it’s a fair chunk! The pond pump is actually costing more than twice the cost of my computer stuff, so maybe it’s time we had Koi and chips 🙂 Only joking, they are lovely Koi, mostly ghost and quite large – probably too large for my puddle of a fish pond!

I’m thinking that knowledge is power! If I could have been bothered, I could have looked at the running costs of my household stuff but now I have the technology that is simple to use and it’s presented to me on a web page; I guess I don’t have any excuse for burying my head in the sand 🙂

I’m thinking that maybe I could use the Raspi (Raspberry Pi) to do a lot of the energy monitoring! That’s a nice little project that I might get around to but at the moment I’m waiting for my 5 year old grandson to learn Python, so he can teach me LOL

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