Cable (VM)

UPDATE Mar 2020 – Still current.

Cable installations are generally installed by very competent engineers but occasional problems do occur. If you are having connection problems e.g. unable to access the Internet, check the lights on the router. The “ready” light on the standard router or the “Internet” light on the Cable Gateway boxes should be a solid green – not blinking.

First step is to power off the router or Gateway and leave it off for about 5 mins, power off your computer. Power up the router and wait a few mins for it to initialise, then power up the computer. This cures a lot / most of problems.

If you are still having problems, you can check the connections to make sure everything is tight but if everything is working and then it suddenly stops working, the problem is not usually at the customer premises; despite what VM will tell you 🙂

If you have more than one computer connected and /or  have other “own” equipment connected, see if the problems go away when you only connect one Computer directly to the Modem; using an Ethernet cable.

Beyond this, all you can do is contact VM tech support and arrange for an engineer to visit. If you have access to the Internet via a smartphone you can browse the VM forums and arrange an engineers visit without having to spend an hour on the phone! The VM “app” (on your phone) is useful for carrying out tests, this will alert VM if there is a problem.

If you’re having problems with WiFi, check out the WiFi troubleshooting page.