Microsoft Launcher for Android

If you miss having a “Windows Phone”, Microsoft Launcher for Android is your salvation ๐Ÿ™‚

Microsoft might be out of the “mobile phone” arena but they are still in the “mobile computer” arena and are making, IMO , some good moves!

A couple of years ago I decided to give up on “Windows Phones”, in the same way that Microsoft had done. I looked at iPhones and Android phones for a replacement and decided Android was, for me, the way to go. I knew that Microsoft were having a “love affair” with Linux and discovered “Microsoft Launcher” for Android; that was a game changer!

So I got my shiny new Android phone (Wileyfox Swift 2X) and then disabled everything I could with regards to Google!

I then installed the “Microsoft Launcher” app and found that I now had a “Windows Phone“, running on Android. The subsequent updates have made my Android phone more of a “Windows Phone” and I just love it. My phone is linked to my Windows (10) desktop and I get notifications on my phone sent to my desktop. I can view and send messages using my desktop and I can even make calls using my desktop, all routed via my mobile phone. When I use “Edge” on my mobile, I can send the “page” to my desktop and it opens automatically in Edge on my desktop and that is brilliant. I can also see the last 25 photos on my phone from my desktop PC.

Microsoft launcher is getting better and better and the integration between your Desktop PC and Mobile phone is getting better. IMO “Microsoft Launcher” on Android is a winner. Outlook mail works great as does “One Drive”, which I mainly use for backing up my photos and the occasional document that I want to access on the move.

“Windows phone” is NOT dead, it now uses Android as a host ๐Ÿ™‚

Microsoft are maybe “out of the mobile phone arena” but they are not “out of the mobile computing arena”. I think Microsoft is still pursuing the (brilliant) “PC in your pocket idea” as the way forward, this would mean that you have PC the size of a mobile phone. When you’re out and about, you can still do phone calls, get texts and do the “mobile phone thing” but when back home or in the office, the phone connects to a large screen along with a full size keyboard and mouse (if you want). The “mobile PC” would still be used for making calls, getting texts etc but would have the option of using the large screen and keyboard etc to do the productive stuff!

It is possible that MS could be developing a “Linux Distro” to replace Android but as Android is the leader in mobile phone OS, it’s likely that “Microsoft Launcher” will be the “tool” used to run on Android and will help MS to achieve the “PC in your pocket” idea.

I think it is likely that Microsoft will “piggy back” their “mobile aspirations” on to the most popular “Mobile OS”, to avoid the “confusion”! There are quite few Microsoft apps available on the iPad and iPhone but Launcher isn’t one of them ๐Ÿ™

Microsoft apps running on Androidย  seems to be the way forward!

Exciting times, maybe !