We can’t leave the weather out of it – that’s all we Brits talk about

Global Warming / the Ice Age cometh. You would think with all the experts about that we would get some sort of agreement as to what is happening with the weather, unfortunately the experts appear to agree to differ!

I’ve seen a bit of weather since my childhood days and I’ve noticed that the seasons appear to change – I’ve known it snow in late April and I’ve known it be warm in winter. When I started my working life I was an apprentice engineer at a colliery and this meant I was working underground for many of the years I was working at the “pit”. Over time it has occurred to me that mine workings of any sort tend to leave large holes underground and then you have quarries which leave large holes on the surface. In addition we have large holes and valleys (artificially) filled with water to make lakes and reservoirs. It has also occurred to me that when an object is spinning it tends to try to  “stabilise” things a bit. From my limited knowledge of geology, apparently the Earth is made of a “fluid” core and has hard bits on the outside which are constantly moving and the whole thing spins!

Putting it all together, it doesn’t seem to be rocket science – the earth is merely trying to “stabilise” and re-balance itself . This may be causing a shift in the orbit which could result in the unusual weather patterns. It is reckoned that the earth is a few years old so it’s seen a bit of change over the years, it’s had everything from meteor pounding to hot n cold spells and has managed to survive longer than human existence so it’s seems that “Human” actions are more of a minor irritation. Having seen core samples of (part of) the earth’s crust it can readily be seen what the weather and climate has been like over time so all these weather forecasts and predictions appear to be more for entertainment – is it me?

Update Aug 2016

On a more serious note. We can’t keep raping the planet of its resources and not put anything back! The Aboriginals of most countries / continents seem to have have had the right idea and lived WITH the Earth and didn’t just TAKE! Unfortunately, its probably too late to repair the damage we have caused but reducing the polution should help a little and keeping in mind the “cause and effect” situation. We can’t put back all the coal, oil, gas and ore that we have removed but we’re engineers and scientists! We can find alternatives, we can accept that Earthquates, Volcanoes and the movement of the tectonic plates are all naturally occuring “Earth Maintenance” and work with it. We are the guests of this planet, lets show some respect!