Tablet PCs

Tablets are brilliant in quite a few ways and due to their compact nature and mobility, it isn’t hard to see why people are buying them in preference to a desktop or a laptop.  Just being able to carry them about and browse the web or read an e-book makes them a must have device but to mind they are only an add-on or extra device to supplement a powerful desktop or laptop.

The Asus transformer is nice option though, it give the benefit of a touch screen and has a clip-on keyboard but I tend to need a 23″ screen these days and screens that size would never be considered portable 🙂

There’s some nice “all in one” devices with a 22″ or bigger screens, brilliant! Big screen to touch with grubby fingers and the option of having the screen suitably placed and a keyboard that can be ergonomically placed, not exactly a tablet though. Maybe these would be “Tables” 🙂