There’s nowt so queer as folk

How is it that most people can work most of their adult lives and then retire and die with not much money in the bank and before their final breath maybe wonder what was it all for? Not having much money in the bank when you are about to take your last breath ain’t much of problem – you can’t take it with you! Not having much money during your life isn’t a problem if you are happy but we would all benefit from having a bit more of the hard earned in our pockets while we can still breathe in this money oriented world.

“I was born with nothing and I still have most of it left” 🙂

We could all hold on to more of our hard earned if there wasn’t as many parasites living off our backs but we don’t do ourselves any favours do we! Most of us work hard for a living – some of us work to live and some live to work, When we get the pay packet the Government have already taken a good share of it and then we give them some more when we buy things(VAT.) The remainder is given to utility companies, local government, mortgage company, bank and maybe even a bit to the church. The bit we have left we spend on food and entertaining ourselves! I reckon that bit would be about 20p out of every pound.

The parasites mentioned above are easy enough to spot, bankers, government etc but entertainers are an enigma. They are not toolmakers or scientists and they can’t really be classed as producers and they can’t really be classed as parasites. Some of them live in a fantasy world either on stage or on a film set, some have a melodious voice that is good on the ears, some can make musical instruments “sing” and some are good at sporting activities. Back in the day these people would have been court jesters, wandering minstrels and generally “fools” for others amusement, how things have changed!

Not all “entertainers” are wealthy but generally speaking most of us aren’t either. Consider the “invisible people” in todays modern world, people that keep our world running and mostly on a meagre pay. These people are the likes of Sewage workers, street cleaners, refuse workers and then we have the Engineers and technicians that work in the background keeping our water supplies running, our electricity running, our gas supplies running and of course we have the people that keep our Internet running so that we can all use the World Wide Web, Email and all the other Internet related services. All of these people are the heroes and most of them love what they do but don’t get any recognition or fat pay check that they deserve! Without these “Invisible people”, the world as we know it, would collapse.

Wouldn’t it be nice if these “invisible people” could record what they do at work and then sell the recording to other people that might like see what they do and even go on stage to prance about showing other people what they do at work and then get a sh*t load of money for doing so. Is it me?