Health Check for Computers

Monthly PC Health check for a nominal fee, now live.

What is a PC Health check? It’s basically a visit from the computer geek and the process of carrying out a few standard checks and tests on your computer. The checks are all “software” related e.g. Operating System (Windows) and Antivirus etc.  You can do a lot yourself using free software (programs) and some without needing any software. Think of it as a bit like DIY car maintenance like checking tyre pressures, coolant level, windscreen washer bottle etc. Most car drivers can do that but how often do we do it? If you’re like me, the washer bottle gets re-filled when nothing squirts on the windscreen and the tyre pressures, mmmm, probably when it looks flat!

How will you benefit from a monthly PC Health Check?

It may help your PC to work a little faster but not always.

It helps to keep your valuable data intact so that when your PC hard drive fails, it will be easier to recover your data. Where possible, a system will be put in place to make sure your valuable data is backed up and stored safely.

It should help keep your PC more secure and at less risk of becoming infected with malware (viruses etc)

You will have email access to a Microsoft Certified Professional for general help and advice. Some minor problems can be fixed while doing a health check at no extra cost.

You won’t need to think about doing it and it will get done on a “booked” type arrangement to suit you.

This is a service, not a breakdown insurance policy. Unlike breakdown cover where you only get something back when something breaks, this service is literally that. You are getting a service and getting value for money.

Hardware faults are not covered, for this you will need a “breakdown” type insurance unless your PC is still under warranty.

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