About Me

My first computer of any type resembling a computer was the Sinclair ZX81 and I quickly realised the potential of “home computing”. Even my wife took an interest and we both learned how to program using ZX basic – we were not all that good at it but we did manage to do a few programs to entertain and educate our (at that time) 2 kids. We did little programs that helped with Maths and spelling and then witnessed the huge growth of “ready made” programs available on cassette which could take anything from 5 minutes to 15 minutes to load. Some people may scoff at the ZX80 and 81 but it was an inspiration that I think fired the imagination of “home computing”. The Commodore 64, Amiga, Atari, Apple, Apricot, BBC Micro and more quickly followed although I don’t remember in what order. By today’s standard the “PCs” of the 1980’s were not much more than toys but we had a lot of fun and learned a lot very quickly. I still have my original Atari 520ST, it didn’t have any built-in floppy disk or hard disk (wonder if the 40MB Ext HD still works) but I managed to upgrade the 512KB memory to 2.5MB and fit an AT286 emulator board under the keyboard so I suppose it’s a bit unique. I also still have the software that I used to run my business, e.g. Cashlink accounts, K spread and a fully relational Database based on “D Base”. I haven’t looked back and my wife calls me a “terminal Junkie”, others call me a Geek some call me a Nurd. I don’t care, I love computers and technology, I love it even more when it works and actually does what it’s supposed to do and makes my life easier 🙂

I have passed several Microsoft MCP exams (Microsoft Certified Professional) along with COMPTIA A+ and have some SCO Unix experience and have exposure to Linux (mainly Suse & Ubuntu). I still prefer Microsoft products.

Over the years I have helped people from the complete beginner’s stage to being quite competent by preparing tutorials and email advice but this site will be mostly about helping yourself to keep your PC safe especially when using the “Internet”. Hopefully I’ll be giving you the “tools” (knowledge) to make this possible and I don’t mind admitting there will be links to products that will pay me commission if you buy anything; this will help fund the cost of providing this site so I don’t feel any remorse on that 🙂