UPDATE March 2020

Welcome to PCJUDO. You might be wondering why PCJUDO? My main theme for the site is to help people keep their PCs safe from malware* and to pass on some knowledge gained over 30 years of tinkering with computers. I thought Judo would be a good example of “self defence” where you basically avoid your opponants punches and try to use your opponent’s strength against themselves. When researching possible domain names I came across JUDO a programming language which is JAVA based and as I like the play on words type stuff PCJUDO seemed very appropriate.

I used to clean and fix Windows(TM) for a living and get a lot of job satisfaction from removing Malware and cleaning up the PC afterwards so in principle I’m potentially trying to do myself out of a job but all things considered I would prefer to help and advise people on how to avoid getting infected with Malware* in the first place as the cost to businesses and household budgets is horrendous and very inconvenient to say the least.  The info contained in these pages is based on 30 yrs experience of tinkering with computers but I’ll try to keep things simple, I’ve included a Glossary page to expand a bit on some of the unavoidable techie stuff. I am not offering a malware removal / PC Problem fixing service but will include a page of links where you can get help if needed.

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