Vipre have now updated their packages.  Vipre Antivirus is now called “Vipre Antivirus 2012” and Vipre Premium is now called “Vipre Internet Security 2012” not sure why but it’s still more or less the same great package with the User Interface (UI) tweaked a little and the addition of a SPAM filter for POP3 email. If your email client uses SSL or TLS, you might like to have a look at Mailwasher. The free version might suit you but the paid for version is better. Vipre can now be purchased to protect upto 10 PCs.

Here’s and interesting snippet: – Facebook Chief: We’re Not the Only Ones Spying On You. This is from Infopackets. I have always had a deep mistrust of social networking sites along with “free” email providers like Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo. It obviously costs a lot of money to provide email services and storage but when it’s Free, what’s in it for them? Just a thought!

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